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It is a known fact there is a shortage of Detection Working Dogs in the United States. The current system of working dogs acquisition for the United States. Federal, State and Local Government have not been connecting with breeders directly with their government agencies. Law enforcement and other government entities are still in need of working canines. The current procurement system is not fulfilling those needs. It currently includes resellers, and vendors/brokers who acquire dogs locally and overseas; profiteers who then resell them to US Government. Many domestic breeders do not want to participate in this “middleman approach.” The United States has some of the best working dog breeders in the world and also import quality canines. Domestic breeders have different motives than the current procurement system knowing their dogs are protecting their own communities, citizens, friends and family.

Members of the ad hoc German Shepherd Dog Club of America Detection Dog Committee believe many of the existing approaches and methods of procurement are a disadvantage to the breeders of German Shepherds. Commitments to a establish a “marketplace platform” to bring together breeders and government procurement of canines has not occurred. This has prompted our committee members to join together to create a platform where breeders can advertise their dogs that may be suitable for governmental needs of Homeland Security, Defense Department, State and Local Law Enforcement, other government agencies, and private entities.

An online platform has been created to allow our fellow domestic breeders to advertise freely to assist in alleviating this shortage. This platform is now in the process of being introduced to interested entities to provide a database of dogs available and located in the USA without using a vendor/broker to purchase. We encourage those interested to advertise available working dogs litters from puppies to adults, that will be available for purchase.

There is no question that historically the German Shepherd Dog has been the foundation of working canines since the breed’s inception, and has proven to be a superior breed for generations. The new site WWW.WORKINGDOGUSA.COM is a non-for-profit project created by members of GSDCA Detection Dog Committee to connect breeders with Government and private entities for the purpose of working dog acquisition.

Working dog - Connecting breeders with Government and private entities for the purpose of working dog acquisition

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