Universal Sieger Show

October 18-20, 2024.

Regular registration will close on August 15, 2024. Late registration will close on August 30, 2024. An additional $30 late registration fee will be added to each entry rate if you apply between August 16 and August 30, 2024.

You must upload correct documents in the respective sections of the registration form. Originals of all uploaded documents must be presented at the Check-in for verification. Incomplete entries will not be allowed to show. If you made a mistake on the registration form you can submit the new registration form for you dog. If you would like to have an option to edit your entry form you need to create free account at www.gsdcasv.org website. You will received the login that will allow you to access your entry form and edit it as needed.

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Judges Dinner

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Uploading Documents

*All dogs must be current on Rabies vaccinations per State on the event requirements. It is recommended that dogs be current on all vaccinations.


The German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc (GSDCA) is not responsible for any injuries or damage suffered by persons or animals participating in this event before, during, or after the actual event. By acting as a spectator and/or participating in any capacity, I waive my right or action against GSDCA and will hold the GSDCA harmless if any action or lack of action by my dog(s) or by me results in any action against the GSDCA. Dogs not entered in the show are not allowed on the show grounds.

I commit to abide by GSDCA Trial and Show regulations and, I expressly waive my right to seek relief in a court of law and to have a jury trial on my claims against GSDCA or its volunteers, as well as my right to participate as a plaintiff or class member in any class, collective, private attorney general or representative action or proceeding.

After submitting the form, you will be redirected to Paypal. Login to your paypal account and make a payment to finish your entry.

All entry fees are nonrefundable.